Monday, June 21, 2010

Around the neighborhood

Here is Calton Hill, a nice green area near my flat. It used to be an ancient execution ground for warlocks! Scotland is crazy historical like that. I often go up here and sketch, take in the views, and occasionally play music with friends. This photo was taken on a day when I did all three.

And here is the Scottish Monument which sits atop the hill, and was meant to honor Scottish Soldiers from the Napoleonic Wars. For some reason (£££?) the Parthenon-like structure was never completed and the project was abandoned in 1829. Scots felt great embarrassment about this fact for a while, calling it "Scotland's Disgrace", but no one seems to care now. If anything, it just seems a little random. But it's fun to climb around on, and acts as a nice centerpiece to the hilltop setting.

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