Monday, January 24, 2011

motorbikes and watercolors

After graduating from University of Edinburgh as a Master of Arts, I congratulated myself with an extensive trip around europe including france, italy, austria, germany and the czech republic. There is much to say; for now I'll mention that Rome, with its slow meals and fast motorbikes, was hands down my favorite place. Just call me Audrey, as my Roman Holiday wasn't all so different from hers.

And, naturally, the food and wine are unbeatable in Italy. Meals were a joy and always something to plan a day around. All over Europe, I ate a lot. Sometimes I painted at the same time.

austrian chestnuts from a bike ride near my uncle's flat

austrian apples from the neighbor's tree

a perfect pomegranite on a perfect kitchen table (rome)

hot castaƱas in a bag (arr. 18, paris)