Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Paintings

I am a visual artist. This is the way I respond and react to the world. I am so excited for the chance to develop my talents as a painter, a maker, while abroad a a Rotary Scholar. Above is a photo of a recent painting I have been developing. Working titles include "Salto de Angel" (Swan Dive) or simply "Los Cisnes" (The Doves). This pieces reflects a considerably new palatte that I have been experimenting with, a cross over from warmer, brighter colors in the past.

Meet your Ambassadorial Scholar

Press Announcement to Los Angeles 5 Website, May 2008

" Lindsey Fyfe has been awarded a prestigious Ambassadorial Scholarship from District 5280 and The Rotary Foundation. Lindsey was sponsored by LA5 and mentored by club member Joe Mulryan and his wife Lenore. Lindsey was one of five finalists who met with the district selection committee last weekend. Three scholarships were awarded.

Lindsey's area of interest is in public and community-based arts. She hopes to attend a university in Mexico, Chile or Spain for her year abroad. Her scholarship is for the 2009-10 term. The LA5 Ambassadorial Scholarship committee, headed by John Langfitt, selected Lindsey as a finalist because of her strong academic qualifications, language skill and humanitarian projects. The committee also included Joe Mulryan, Mickie Choi-Hoe, Janet Doud, Marjorie Heller, Chuck Miller, Bob Peterson and Marc Leeka.

Ambassadorial Scholarships, The Rotary Foundation's oldest and best-known program, was founded in 1947. Since then, nearly 38,000 men and women from about 100 nations have studied abroad under its auspices. Today it is the world's largest privately funded international scholarships program. Nearly 800 scholarships were awarded for study in 2005-06. Through grants totaling approximately US$500 million, recipients from about 70 countries studied in more than 70 nations.

Scholarships are funded from our annual contributions to The Rotary Foundation. Generous contributions from Rotarians worldwide represent a continued faith that today's Ambassadorial Scholars will be tomorrow's community and world leaders. "