Monday, June 21, 2010

the earth is the one thing under my feet

(the be good tanyas, "ship out on the sea")

The best way to get around Edinburgh is afoot.

(If it's raining, you'll want the front seat of the bus, on top)

The to-and-from walk to my campus studio is 3.6 miles. Some days I end up walking upwards to 5 miles a day without blinking an eye.

This year, I have the unusual luxury of not needing full time employment. It is a year to cherish, once again a student, more than ever an artist.

So I revel in seeing new streets, catching conversation fragments, taking short cuts and long ways. I feel closest to understanding the city that can never really be my own during the transitions between Points A & B...

... The space between where I was, and where I need to go.

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