Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not gonna lie...

...Love my new/used iphone, acquired for a trade of my art skills. It does make me more efficient, as I get facebook and (insert other time-sucking website here) out of the way when on the bus or waiting for an appointment, rather than in the middle of writing an artist statement or planning for a fundraiser. Now, if I were wiser I'd simply avoid these distracting websites altogether - but let's be realistic.

I like the sounds it makes and the design, though I'm no good at typing on a touch screen. I like that I can be lost and easily found, and easily find a store or restaurant without planning ahead. And I like the camera:

While we're on the topic of iphone cameras and things I like, here are some iphone camera photos of an installation I liked- created by my ECA colleague, Daniela Justiniano, and titled Wandering. Daniela took over the space of a gallery room with hand-woven snake/worm/seaweed/hair/intestine-like forms that she made from muslin, string and wire. The forms appear to come in through the windows, cascade over the walls, creep across the floor and cling to poles or anything else that might get in their way. Aside from conjuring up organic forms and any narrative they might imply, the piece has a formal balance, easy sense of craftsmanship, and sensitivity to the space of the room that transcends all simple associations. Muy bien hecho, Daniela!

The exhibit Storylines is on view for another few weeks at the Patriothall Gallery on 1 Hamilton Place in Stockbridge. If you are in town, do yourself a favor and see the show! On display are also excellent works by ECA colleagues Thomas Trippet and Gerald Smith, all relating to the show's title.

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