Sunday, February 28, 2010

dear old glasgow toon

The center of Glasgow is a quick train ride from the center of Edinburgh, just shy of an hour's ride. I've been out twice and have enjoyed it each time. Glasgow is quite different than Edinburgh. I actually can't think of two cities being so geographically close and so culturally different.

Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, is pretty, village-like, quiet, soft, quirky, winding, hilly, old. Glasgow feels urban, big, fast, buzzing, young.

I haven't been here long enough to define what ingredient makes something "Scottish", but Glasgow seems to have more of it. Hopefully this kind of statement doesn't get me in to trouble.

The way I see it, it's a language thing. The Glaswegian brogue is so thick, you just can't escape recognition that you are indeed here. Edinburghers generally have a gentler sound. Anyway, this is based upon my own personal experience, and there is obviously variation to this.

The ladies and the Scots


Peace, love and...


Ultimately, if I were to stay in Scotland beyond this year, I'd venture to say that Glasgow would be preferable over Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a great town, but in terms of a job market, Glasgow would have more going on for a young person, more moving and shaking. There is also a great late-night noodle bar. If its 3am on a Friday night, make this your last stop. It's kind of a requirement, as far as I can tell!

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