Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Case Study

Quick, run to your nearest "Pound Stretcher" -the British version of a $1 Store- and invest in a hot water bottle. Better yet, get one with a cute, soft cover, preferably in the shape of a dog or bear (My cover is made of felt with pink and white flowers).

The Scottish winter has been long, cold and dreary. There have been days when I wouldn't argue with author Bill Bryson, who said that "living in the UK is like living inside tupperware."

Herein lies the beauty of the hot water bottle. It's basically having a small, warm stuffed animal to cling to as you drift off to sleep. It stays warm until the morning. It's the next best thing to spooning. These hot water bottles seem to be a staple here. A Scottish girlfriend told me that she still uses the same one from childhood.

I wonder why they never made it big in the United States? Or have they? Have I been missing out all these years?

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