Monday, September 21, 2009

Princes St Gardens

The Princes Street Gardens run east-west through the center of Edinburgh, dividing the Old Town from the New. I guess it used to be a waterway, but people started throwing in garbage and making it stink, so they drained it and went with gardens. 

The gardens are well manicured and it makes for a pleasant walk. There are excellent views up to the Castle and the Royal Mile (High Street). There is the Scottish Monument to Sir Walter Scott (below). There are cute concession stands and people lounging about. Not sure they will be there when it starts raining, but I have yet to believe it will, considering the last 2 weeks of sunshine. 

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  1. Hi, Lindsey. Your blog is just fabulous and you are soooo talented and cute as a button. Congratulations on the honor and the scholarship.

    It is so exciting to see your blog unfold and your striking images. "Uncle" Bill is very impressed, too. You have such a great "eye". You have really brought Edinburgh to life! I heard it is an exciting city.

    I was traveling a lot at your age, too, but sadly did not yet have the dedication to photography. That hit me later.

    I am having fun with my blog, as Aunt Rhonda may have told you.

    Lots of luck, "Aunt" Leora


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