Sunday, September 20, 2009

Full Scottish

Lest we forget a national favorite: the Full Scottish Breakfast. I was starting to feel guilty for not having tried it, so Robin and I walked to our favorite local breakfast spot, Fair Trade Cafe. 

Clockwise from the egg: Fried or poached eggs, thick bacon, potato latke, blood/black pudding, sausage link, baked beans, fried tomato, and our shining star, HAGGIS, center plate. Served with dry white toast and jam.

Here I am about to dig in. 

You know what? The haggis wasn't so bad. It had an almost tolerable flavor of oats and molasses or spices of some sort. I ate half. I won't order it again on purpose, though, would try the vegetarian kind. 

I didn't get so far with the black pudding. I tried a polite bite and left the rest. It's just too hard to get past the thought of thickened, darkened, boiled blood.

The Scots put cocoa powder across the top of their cappuccino, making it hard to turn down any time I find myself in a cozy cafe.  It should be said that Full Scottish breakfasts do not include Italian espresso drinks. 

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