Tuesday, September 22, 2009

By Night

We have our studio spaces designated so I'm happy! Was in earlier to set up. The building is old, the studio is on the 3rd floor, and I was all alone, so got a little spooked when the wind made the windows creak. 

Also, this is Edinburgh and supposedly "The Most Haunted City in Britain". Or maybe it was the world. Me and Robin just went on a ghost tour where a woman in a black cloak leads you to the vaults 4 flights below the city, telling stories by candlelight about public hangings and one armed ghosts. So... I'm a little jumpy lately. 

In all seriousness (mom and dad)- there is a security guard sitting at the only door of the building that everyone has to sign in and out with. It feels very secure. 

One option to get home from the studio involves crossing the gorgeous Royal Mile to the South Bridge and then up to Leith Walk. 

As one of my favorite Rotarians, Vicki Radel, told me: they wash the streets of Edinburgh every night. Even though the city is layered with the dust and dirt and wear and tear of many centuries, it looks fresh and clean every morning. 

Grassmarket Street

View of the Castle from Grassmarket

West Bow Street

(Blurry) Double Decker view. They are standard fare for the city's commuters. There are more double deckers than not. I'm not over it and still think it is fun to ride up top. ESPECIALLY the very front seat with the big picture window. Why not?

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