Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Portobello International Night

Portobello is a village along the eastern coast of Edinburgh. Their Rotary club invited us to their annual "International Night", where the food was tasty, the wine was flowing, the company good as ever. 

Over dinner, one Rotarian and I chatted about where to travel now that I've settled into the city. My list started locally (Glasgow, Inverness, Skye, Lewis, Harris, Iona) and continued on through Europe and into the Middle East and Central Asia, oh and then there is Africa, Oceania, and by the way did I mention I want to go everywhere? My dinner partner reminded me that in Edinburgh, we are "spoiled for choice". Totally true.

There was great entertainment in the form of a Portobello High School string band who played lively tunes and made us get up and dance. I danced with the Portobello Club President, Malcolm, and about 50 other people -- most Scottish dances involve running around the room in a tizzy, switching partners left and right. 

Click on triangle to hear some music. yes, high school, these kids were like 15. (wow!) 

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