Saturday, October 3, 2009

dundee daytrip

I'll suggest that roadtrips get more interesting the more countries you've got represented in the car. Today's roadtrip was a blast. A handful of fellow ECA/MFA students drove up to Dundee where we saw some exhibits at Generator Projects gallery, Dundee Contemporary Arts museum, and on the campus of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. Dundee is one of those once-thriving, then-declined, now-remade-into-arts-community industrial cities. It sits above the Firth of Forth, and then above the River Tay, so involved going over 2 bridges which offer sweeping views.  

We also swung through St. Andrews, were we got out and saw the remains of the famous Cathedral. 

The day was so incredibly windy. So windy that they cancelled a (yawn) golf tournament in St. Andrews. I thought the wind was good fun, it made us laugh a lot, because all of us girls are on the tiny side and kept losing our balance and various articles of outerwear. 

Looking at the River Tay from the top of Dundee


Eli, Stuart, Megumi, Madhuri 

I really liked the drive. It was great to be in a car, on a roadtrip, passing beautiful things like rainbows and hay bales and fields of strawberries, sheep everywhere, gorgeous lighting, 80s hits on the radio, all with good company. While Eli (Athens) had a phone conversation in animated Greek, Megumi (Japan) giggled in wonder at the thought of curly fries, while Madhuri (Bangalore) talked about contemporary art in India with Stuart (Glasgow), our unofficial tour guide for the day, who occasionally cursed slow drivers in his scottish version of English (jaysus f**cken 'ell). 

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  1. Hey Lindsey!

    I'm so happy your year is moving a along so well! It looks like you are already doing great work. I also love that you are keeping your blog became defunct as things got too crazy for me out there.

    =) Miloni