Wednesday, September 30, 2009

running list of things I like about Edinburgh

the sky
the clouds
the horizon
the curvy streets
there is no grid
colorful doors
brown sugar in coffee
the vaults
finding my way around
(with no trouble)
the light
the speed of the weather
the color of the clouds
the color of the mountains
little glasses of whisky with
little pitchers of water
baked beans for breakfast
"wee" "cheers" "places" and "closes" "fancy"
fully (IKEA) furnished apartments
everyone's wonderful accents
everyone from everywhere
my MFA colleagues
window boxes with geraniums
it was sunny the whole month!
king arthur's seat
living in scotland
living in europe
a castle on a hill to watch over us

...and a couple things I don't 

virgin mobile
virgin mobile customer service
virgin broadband service
black pudding
making  store returns situation
receiving packages situation (pay to receive!)
overpriced art supplies
the effing exchange rate

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