Monday, November 9, 2009

Where is this girl from? 

The barista at my preferred campus coffee shop asked my nationality. I gave him three guesses. "Canadian, Australia, or New Zealand". I've gotten this before. USA is not usually the first answer. Even in the states people have told me I have an accent. Or that I sound ambiguously European. Or that I look French or English. 

I feel very "American" and think I look and sound "American." Not really sure what it is that makes people get me all wrong.

Maybe from a handful of years of teaching English to foreign speakers, I have a way of speaking that is somehow paced or articulated differently than the majority of people from the United States. 

Maybe it is the fact that I've lived in 3 areas of the US for significant amounts of time- Connecticut, Upstate New York, and California. As such, there is no strong regional accent from any one place. 

Also, I dress in a way that is part classic New England (turtlenecks, pleats and sweaters), part LA hipster (skinny jeans and boots), part bohemian (flea market leather, lots of scarves), part 60s mod (black mini skirts, tights and ballet flats), part thrift store/grandma's attic (most of my accessories), and part typical young-urban-H&M (all the basics, and the occasional pair of high heels, though I wear them far less than I did in Los Angeles). 

Considering that Rotary selected me to represent the United States as an Ambassador of Goodwill, maybe I should do something to make my nationality more obvious. 



  1. I just posted a comment, did it come through?
    I also tried to vote a bunch of times for #4 and it will only let me vote once. :(

  2. Anyway, worked 2nd time... I said, don't change a thing about your style -- good to be mysterious.


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