Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reading Week

Better known as, endless sky, endless rain, endless rainbow, NIGHT rainbowhighland coo, sketching the landscape18 different legs of public transportwine (mulled, and otherwise), best cooking ever done by a group of ECA students, utopia doesn't exist, neither does South America (it's all one continent,"America"), learning talents of my classmates (Megumi plays a phenomenal moonlight sonata, Daniela has studied dance since she was a child, Stuart knows the names and capitals of every US state, Kit can bake apple crisp that tastes like home), some English people wear kilts all the time for no particular reason, best tasting cheese in my life, Scotland's west coast is so beautiful I can hardly take it, oldest stones I've ever seen in my life (4000 years min) and space to think week. 

site of Cove Park Artist Residency 
Common Lodge

Our home for the week 

Inside the pod 

My loft bed and view onto the lakes

(I made chili for lunch that day) 

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  1. Ah, bluffs and vanilla skies. Looks lovely and perfect for creativity.


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