Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

The weather suddenly turned gorgeous! Seriously gorgeous! I sunbathed yesterday and even got a little burnt. Can't tell you how much I have craved this kind of weather. The art studio is conveniently closed this week for assessments. I'm spending every minute I can outside.

Blackford Hills

view of Arthur's Seat

with my friend Brenda (aka hipster Heidi)

Me (aka hipster Klerchen)

What a day! LOOK at that color! And then, as a bonus, we found this bench atop the mountain:

The world misses you, George. (PS: you're my favorite).

Little darlin, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darlin, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun
and I say, It's Alright....

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