Tuesday, October 27, 2009

york part deux

Every year, Rotary districts around the world gather at regional conferences to review the work they have done during the year, and reinvigorate members to humanitarian service. District 1020 hosted their conference in York, England (still not quite clear on why it was in England, think it was a space issue). Since I, A. had so much fun at the conference B. have a lot of work to do this week, I'll do "Top 10":

Top 10 Moments/Experiences from District Conference 

1. Gorgeous train ride down along the eastern coast of Scotland

2. The chance to explore such a pretty English city. When I visited York as a child with my family, I remember liking it a lot. 15 years later, the feeling was the same. I climbed a minster, visited an old abbey, walked through the narrow streets, and generally enjoyed revisiting the city. 

3. Getting dolled up for the Railway Museum banquet where we:

4. Saw Queen Elizabeth's original luxurious train quarters and

5. Danced the "Gay Gordon" with Rotarians (all donning kilts) 

Scholars with the dashing and handsome District Governor, Alastair Davies

6. The selection of fine whiskys at a post-banquet hotel party sponsored by club presidents

7. Getting up on stage at York's Theater Royal with the other scholars, to present a video (made by Robin) showing each of us doing something "Scottish"

8. Comment received from older woman after our stage presentation, "Nice legs. I recognize them from stage. Very American."

9. Friday's performance by "Scotcha", hailing from the Scottish Borders. There is no American equivalent of this band, and likely no Scottish equivalent. Serious brogues, kilts, penny whistles, rip roaring guitars, bagpipes, derogatory jokes about the English. It seemed the harder the audience laughed, the less our row of foreigners understood. 

10. Meeting and hanging out with so many great people (obvious, but true) and hearing about the inspiring projects that have happened or are in progress in this part of the world. DG Alastair's Address was particularly powerful, but I'd do a bad job summarizing so I won't try. 

GSE crew from South Africa (in blue), Evan in white

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