Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sushi party

On Friday night, my classmate Konomi had a handful of us to her flat for a sushi dinner. It was amazingly good. It actually turned into an international dinner, as Augustus (Athens) made a Greek salad and Madhuri (Bangalore) made curry with spices her mother packed her before leaving India. Andy, the only Scot, brought Stella Artois. I brought red wine and tangerines -- not very American, but the best I could find on my walk over. Megumi, also Japanese, offered crazy stories about her own Western Japanese traditions, which differed greatly from those of Konomi. Oh, and Konomi's boyfriend Miguel (Pais Vasco) offered some Spanish tunes on his guitar. 

Our hostess, Konomi

About to dig in - me, Andy, Madhuri, Konomi, Megumi

Madhuri, Megumi, Augustus, Konomi, me 

Andy gets real chopsticks

Andy was really impressed at the quality of the Japanese girls' family chopsticks, so Konomi gifted him a pair from a big box. He wasn't satisfied. He wants a pair printed with his Scottish clan's tartan.

Time for sake

After dinner

Post dinner serenade from Augustus. Listen here:

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