Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orienting ourselves to the world of...

Me with scholars Robin and Annie at The Windsor pub.

Whisky. Better known as Malt. I guess "Scotch" is just the blended crap. Says the guy in the kilt (not shown, but if you saw him, you'd trust him too).

Before I left for Scotland my dad told me it would take some 8 or 10 tastes of Scottish whisky to get used to the taste. After that, he said, I'd be convinced of its superiority to all other drinks. He gave me my first try and the pubs of Edinburgh have provided a handful more. 

Dad was right. I'm already a believer. The only question that remains is which to try next? Good thing we've got a year.

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  1. I guess I have a few more tastes of Scotch before I completely get it then. But in the interest of science, I shall give it a go! ;-)


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