Sunday, September 20, 2009

Around my neighborhood

Our street, Leith Walk, is a long road the leads from City Centre/New Town to Port of Leith. We are at the convenient end near the center. Here are some things I found on yesterday's walk, en route to the Scottish Modern Art Gallery. 


It's a cute neighborhood. It feels very local and lived in, unlike the more touristy and commercial areas surrounding the High Street and New Town. 

There are also loads of restaurants. Have to say, there are few cities in the world that compete with Los Angeles when it comes to the diversity of food, so I was nervous. In the end, I won't want for much here in my own corner of Edinburgh:

My only complaint: where are the taco stands?! Oaxacan food? Pupusa carts?? The Latin American food here is weak. That said, I'm guessing the Spanish/Castilian restaurants are authentic, considering our proximity. I have some research to do.

The only other bummer is a load of construction work running down our street. Edinburgh is building a tram that runs to the airport, and here is what everyone complains about in the meantime: 

Incidentally, many people hear that we live on Leith Walk and think we live in Leith, located a few miles down the road. They get nervous, as the area was once a favorite to drunken sailors and other unsavory types. In the last decade the city has thrown money into Leith to squash the bad rap. It is a trendy place to live now, chock full of restaurants and outdoor cafes. 

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