Friday, May 15, 2009

The big decision

After considerable deliberation, I have decided on my location for my Ambassadorial Scholarship. In September I will depart for a year in Edinburgh, Scotland! I have been accepted as a candidate to a Master of Arts in Painting from Edinburgh College of Art.

Initially, my first choice of study location was Mexico. As our neighbor, and particularly after a year working in the field of Latino Civil Rights, I thought it was an important place to develop relationships and understanding.

Regretfully, Rotary has postponed programs in Mexico for this school year because of the heightened security and health concerns. This, along with the news that my assigned study institution did not offer advanced classes, made me begin researching alternate programs abroad.

After researching schools in Chile, Spain, South Africa, Italy and Ireland, I feel confident in my choice for Edinburgh College of Art. The school is world-renowned study institution for serious artists, and I am particularly excited about the granting of individual studio spaces for all artists. It is a thriving, friendly city, creatively inclined with an abundance of theater, galleries, literature,and public art events. The Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Edinburgh, and throughout Scotland, are strong. They have invited me with open arms.

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